High Speed Product Development – DISP™

On October 1, 2016 DeltaNordic introduced DISP™, a new unique product development process, integrating sophisticated engineering services as an important and fundamental part. This new development method will have a decisive impact on product development resulting in lower costs and considerably shorter time-to-market.

Integrated Teams 

From day one key staff from design, sourcing and production together with key staff from the client, are integrated to form a multidisciplinary team. Combined with a very precise work method and frequent follow-up meetings this ensures smooth prototyping preventing major start-up problems as well as costly production errors.

Transparency Throughout

The process is entirely transparent and can be followed in real-time by the members of the team. Thus all major problems are discovered and can be taken care of instantly. DISP™ speeds up the development work and at the same time helps the team to avoid costly redesign and delayed production start.

Risk Analyses Guarantee Sound Components in Your BOMs

Within the DISP™ concept DeltaNordic can undertake risk analyses of your BOMSs to eliminate environmentally conflicting substances according to international standards and directives. Also complete lifecycle analyses can be undertaken to guarantee that there are no forthcoming obsolete components in your BOMs.